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Fashion Police


When you leave the house, chances are you are going to be seen by people unless you are wearing a burka, so please try to add some beauty in this fashion-policeworld. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for your wardrobe and nowadays with all the consignment stores available, you can find brand names clothing at reasonable prices.

Don’t know how to shop? Not much fashion sense? Don’t worry! At our store we can advise you on what’s making you look good or not. There are no excuses to go out in your pajamas, unless you are crazy. Don’t wanna see you at the supermarket wearing slippers and sweat pants. You never know when “prince charming” crosses your path so you better be ready at all times to appear your best.

Color coordination, seasonal fabrics, thought out footwear, accessories, you can get amazing tips online or on TV, just be on the lookout so you will create an image that will carry you out in the world  in style.

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