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Accessories Are Important


Choosing the right outfit is important, yes, but adding the right accessories is even more important. You could ruin the look of an amazing dress by adding too many accessories to it or just the wrong kind. I usually prefer less then more. One main accent to the whole look is enough so you can be seen everyday with something new on instead of looking like a walking bazaar. Coco Chanel always said: “When you are ready to go out, take a piece of accessory off and you will be all good to go”. It works all the time.


Elisabeth Taylor’s Wedding Gown goes to Auction


wedding-gownAn oyster shell coloured satin dress, worn by the all-time favourite doe-eyed Hollywood beauty Elizabeth Taylor for her first marriage with hotel heir Conrad Hilton in 1950, is set to go under the hammer, next month, at Christie’s in London.
Expected to fetch nearly £50,000, the bugle beads and seed pearls embellished wedding gown, which took three months to complete with the help of 15 people, was designed by the late legendary MGM costume designer Helen Rose.
Keeping the Cleopatra star’s curvaceous frame in mind, the custom-designed intricately detailed dress, made of 25 yards of luxurious satin, includes a cinched-in-waist built-in corset and a ten-yards-long shimmering silk net veil attached to a pearl-covered Juliet cap.

Scheduled to be auctioned on June 26, 2013, the gown’s actual waist measurement was 20 inches, but the tiny waist size was later modified to a more generous 22.
Founded in 1766, Christie’s is an international fine arts auction house that offers private sales to clients across the globe.

Animal Fashion


We all want to save the abuse of animals for fashion purposes and a good and fun way is to be the animal, not to wear it. We don’t live in caves anymore and besides there is plenty of vegan material to build clothes and much more. Long gone are the days where a wearing a fur was well accepted in society. Luckily more and more people raised their awareness on what is right and what is wrong. After all you don’t want to look like an animal right?

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


You know when a company is successful when they can hire not only one but several of the biggest stars in the music industry to create a live soundtrack during this whimsical fashion show of lingerie. Rhianna, Maroon 5 and Justin Bieber certainly got paid handsomely for this gig. Who said that money can’t by everything? Overall I think it was a great idea and very well executed I might say. The models are gorgeous and the theme is very clever. Underwear came a long way from the long coverall of the last century. If we could only wear them on the outside. Lol

H&M swimsuits with Beyonce


Just last week we saw the behind the scene of the H&M swimsuit commercial with the beautiful Beyonce. Now here is the final product which will drive women to by their new beachwear to show off this Summer and men to dream a little. I am curious how they didn’t get any sand in their eyes since they were throwing it above their heads multiple times.

Crazy Shoes


Shoes are a very important part of fashion. Not only they protect our delicate feet from the dangerous roads ahead but they also make a big statement in the fashion world. We color coordinate them with our outfits, wear them to attract attention and no matter how painful they are we strut our stuff hiding the uncomfortable feeling they give us because beauty comes with some discomfort attached. Here are some crazy designs you won’t find in our store but plenty of cool shoes we have so come on down and dress your feet.

What is fashion?


Fashion is something we deal with everyday. Even people who say they don’t care what they wear choose clothes every morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day.
One certain thing in the fashion world is change. We are constantly being bombarded with new fashion ideas from music, videos, books, and television. Movies also have a big impact on what people wear. Ray-Ban sold more sunglasses after the movie Men In Black. Sometimes a trend is world-wide. Back in the 1950s, teenagers everywhere dressed like Elvis Presley.

Who dictates fashion?

Musicians and other cultural icons have always influenced what we’re wearing, but so have political figures and royalty. Newspapers and magazines report on what Hillary Clinton wears. The death of Diana, the Princess of Wales, was a severe blow to the high fashion world, where her clothes were daily news.

Even folks in the 1700s pored over fashion magazines to see the latest styles. Women and dressmakers outside the French court relied on sketches to see what was going on. The famous French King Louis XIV said that fashion is a mirror. Louis himself was renowned for his style, which tended towards extravagant laces and velvets.


Clothes separate people into groups.

Fashion is revealing. Clothes reveal what groups people are in. In high school, groups have names: “goths, skaters, preps, herbs.” Styles show who you are, but they also create stereotypes and distance between groups. For instance, a businessman might look at a boy with green hair and multiple piercings as a freak and outsider. But to another person, the boy is a strict conformist. He dresses a certain way to deliver the message of rebellion and separation, but within that group, the look is uniform. Acceptance or rejection of a style is a reaction to the society we live in.

Fashion is a language which tells a story about the person who wears it. “Clothes create a wordless means of communication that we all understand,” according to Katherine Hamnett, a top British fashion designer. Hamnett became popular when her t-shirts with large messages like “Choose Life” were worn by several rock bands.


Milan Spring Fashion Week 2013


Milan, capital of fashion. From the streets to the runways, Spring means Fashion Week and all the big names are showing off their collections to the world. The press, paparazzi, TV,  all wanting a piece of the action brought you by: DSquares2, Salvatore Ferragamo, Antonio Marras, Missoni, Alberta Ferretti, Bluemarine, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Just Cavalli, Gucci, Marni, Prada, Frankie morello, Dolce and Gabbana, Etro, Versace and Roberto Cavalli. Enjoy this on and off stage video full of flashes, supermodels and sometimes bizarre outfits but that is the beauty of fashion right?

Hats Off


There was a time where no one would leave the house without wearing a hat. If you did you would have probably looked at as a mad person. Well things have changed but somehow, because I like to wear hats, I miss seeing that eleganza around. Hats are a great accessory to any outfit, they decorate and make a statement beside protecting you from the sun or the rain which never hurts. Wearing a hat makes you stand out in the crowd and get noticed beside if you are having a bad hair day, hats are a life-saver.
We carry a lot of different hat styles all year around so you can walk out in the world holding your head up high in style.

Now here’s what NOT to wear:

Royal-Ascot-hats  feather-hatascot-hats

Beyonce for H&M


Watch the behind the scene of Beyonce’s latest artistic commercial for H&M swimwear collection. This big productions calls for a big artistic director like Donald Schneider, H&M creative director. As usual miss Beyonce’ looks gorgeous in every sense. The short film shows the sheer size of the team working on the shoot – and gives an insight into the complex set production and last-minute push to get everything ready in time (“I have to learn the choreography in five minutes,” says Beyoncé).

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